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Charge Vermont

Charge Vermont is making EV driving easy in Vermont. We help property owners fund the purchase and installation of electric-vehicle chargers, so drivers can access high-quality EV charging wherever they work, live, shop, or visit.

Getting an EV Charger in Vermont

Looking to add a charger at a workplace, multi-unit residence, or public attraction? Charge Vermont can help cover the costs. The program is open to customers of all electric utilities in Vermont. It’s funded by the State of Vermont and administered by Green Mountain Power. Funding is limited, so don’t wait – visit the News & Updates page for the latest information on available funding.

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Chargers are available to support employees who want to drive an electric vehicle to work.
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Multi-Unit Residences

Charge Vermont helps fund and install chargers at apartment complexes, condominiums, and retirement communities.
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Public Attractions

Get a charger for attractions such as recreation, entertainment, municipal offices, commercial buildings, schools, or non-profits.
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EV Charger Options

EV Charger Options

Charge Vermont can help your location get a Level-1, Level-2, or DC Fast Charger, including funding most or all of the project and helping with technical assistance.
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Move quickly! State funding through Charge Vermont is limited.
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Looking for a charger?

Here’s where you can find existing EV chargers around Vermont.